Wallpaper* Design Awards 2012:Best beauty kit / Jennifer Rabatel

Sunday, January 15, 2012



“Spatulas Mirrors”

The mirror collection: Table mirror, wall-mirror, hand-mirror, pocket-mirror

One could almost say « this definitely does not look like a scraper to me… », yet again « I have just used my scraper to put on makeup ». This definitely sets the tone for this project! I thought of how odd and funny this could be to look at a mirror that’s actually a tool.
Instantly, I loved the idea of mixing humour with the functional use of a scraper.These construction tools had just become the inspiration for my new line of mirrors. The effect I wanted to produce was a surprising reaction from the user itself.

To create even more illusion, I chose materials such as: Stainless steel and lime tree. Each metal plate is laser cut. Each handle is cut in CNC and hand crafted giving a full finish result. Everything has been magnified, materials as well as assembling details which have been engraved with numbers.

The pocket-mirror includes a protection bag made of lime tree wood equipped with a magnet for perfect closure and stability.