proAesthetics 100% porcelain

Sunday, Novenber 27, 2011



proAesthetics 100% porcelain

The design of medical prosthetics today, has more in common with the hospital than the home.

Pity them who have broken their leg, not for the inconvenience of their condition, but for the sheer ugliness of the prosthetic devices they have to contend with. Why can’t we offer more solace in such moments of need, be exalted to latter-day-dandies instead of having to traipse around with such plastic contraptions?

With this in mind Damian O’Sullivan set about redesigning medical prosthesis in the hope of arriving at a more dignified solution. The exploration lay not so much in the chosen forms, as they are largely dictated by the human body, but rather in a change of material: porcelain. A fragile yet strong material, hygienic whilst elegant, in other words all the right paradoxical sought after qualities.

The result, perhaps more poetic than practical, does however reflect the inherent beauty of recovery and mirrors the healing process of our mending bones. Slightly awkward and very fragile, just like us, they cry out, ‘handle with care’!

Upon recovery, disposing of these trustworthy companions is simply not an option. Instead, they can be kept and treasured, and exhibited amongst our finest (bone) china.

Neckbrace, eye-patch, crutch and arm-cast made at the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) in ‘s Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands





Stroketable  By Hannes Grebin

Sunday, Novenber 6, 2011


Stroketable  By Hannes Grebin

A table design inspired by optical illusions and material layering. Says Grebin, “this minimal couch table design is derived from a simple marker sketch”